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What If? Engine

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whatifOne of the best tools at Admitster is the one that allows you to see how your chances of college admission change if you changed things about yourself, such as your grades, test scores, or how much time you spend volunteering.

To the right of the predictions chart, you will see a group of sliders. Those sliders contain almost all of your academic and non-academic information. (Click on the extracurricular tab at the top to see the other slider group.)

If you activate or move any of the sliders, you will immediately see your chances of admissions change!

Some sliders will have a huge impact on your chances, and others will not, depending on the school. That’s what is so exciting to learn: not everything carries the same weight for each to school to which you intend to apply. Perhaps your favorite college values extracurricular involvement more than SAT scores. Perhaps another values your leadership score more than your AP scores. This is crucial information to help guide your planning.

Note: At the bottom of the sliders are two buttons (shown in detail below). If you click on the white “reset” button, your sliders and admissions chances will be reset to what you saved in your profile. If you click on the purple “save” button, the new information will be saved in your profile. Tip: The What If? Engine tool is a great way to quickly enter lots of profile information and save it.


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