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Wheels are really turning at Admitster, and I’m happy to share some recent developments with you! First of all, Team Admitster attended a fantastic Mass Innovation Nights event last night (the above image is from MIN’s home page) and we are thrilled to have been voted the Mass Innovation Nights’ “GRAND MIN WINNER”! It was a pleasure to attend the event and an honor to win the award.

Secondly, Admitster has recently launched tutoring and test preparation servicesThis is the story of how these services came to be. Teens and parents are using our website, taking advantage of the free online tools that help users to take ownership of their respective journeys to college – I’m talking about the College List Builder, the projections of one’s chances of admission at the colleges on his/her list, and the powerful What If? Engine, which helps users to develop their own best strategy for getting into their top-choice schools. What people often find is that making improvements to GPA or standardized test scores can hugely boost admissions odds! Take, for instance, the example of Boston University. SweetSpotAs you can see on the graph, a student with a SAT Math Score of 550 will really increase their chances of admission at BU if they can manage to bring that score up to 625 or 650. However, earning much higher than 650 won’t do much to further increase admissions odds, so if the student already has a 650 SAT Math Score (or higher) then, in terms of a personalized admissions strategy, that student would do well to focus efforts elsewhere, perhaps on boosting GPA, taking on leadership initiatives, or volunteering in the local community. This is the beauty of the What If? Engine – it can help a student to determine his/her best strategy for admission to college on a school-by-school basis! It’s a very cool tool, and entirely free to use. All one need do to access these immensely helpful online college counseling tools is to register an account with Admitster- click!

This brings me back to Admitster’s newly-launched tutoring and test prep services. We aim to be the go-to site for ALL THINGS COLLEGE ADMISSION, so if the What If? Engine indicates that a boost to your GPA or an increase in your standardized test scores might really make a significant difference to your admissions chances, then know that help is just a click of the mouse or phone call away. All new clients receive a free consultation with our Director of Education, Rachel Katzman. After Rachel has gained a better sense of your specific tutoring and/or test preparation needs, she will match you with one of our expert tutors and you can get to work, proactively boosting your admissions chances at your top-choice schools! Furthermore, our tutoring services can be combined with personalized college admissions advising – and all at a price point that you can afford. Simply give us a call (1-800-803-1541) or e-mail us at expert@admitster.com. We’re here to help, and hope to hear from you!