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Quest University Canada

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It’s been too long since we’ve stuck our hand into the 3026 Series cookie jar! Today I want to let you know about a great school located north of the border. Readers, have you heard of Quest University Canada, located in beautiful Squamish, British Columbia? Eh?



I first came across this gem of a school when one of my former students decided to study abroad there – and what an experience he had! But I’m getting ahead of myself…

Quest University Canada is a relative newcomer in the world of higher education and, though it was founded in 2002, only opened its doors to students in 2007. The founding class was composed of only 73 students, and today the school has a student population of 700 undergraduates.

Of particular note is that Quest University Canada is the country’s first independent, secular, not-for-profit university! Quest students graduate with a Bachelor of Arts & Sciences degree after four years of engagement with a rather unique course schedule. As is written on Quest’s website, “In seminar classes (with 20 students or fewer), students examine one area of human inquiry after another on a Block Plan—taking one course at a time for three-and-a-half weeks.” To see the 2015-2016 Term Calendar, click hereAlso, as an undergraduate, you will first be engaged in a two-year Foundation Program, which introduces you to different fields, followed by a two-year Concentration Program, which “requires students to design their own majors with faculty input and guidance.”

In terms of specific courses, the full course catalogue can be accessed here, but know that there are some extremely interesting classes on offer! Oh, to be a student again! Where would I begin? Biodiversity of British Columbia, The Piano in Society, Love and Lust in Western Literature, A Guide to the Era of Genomic Medicine, Space Biology, The Mathematics of Security and Secrecy, Volcanology, Psychology of Food, or Science Film Making anyone? Furthermore, every student is required to take one to four “experiential blocks” during their four years at Quest, applying their acquired knowledge outside of the classroom – very cool! To learn more about it, click here.

In terms of admissions, you can apply to begin either in January 2016 (rolling admissions is in place until November 1st so you have just over two weeks left to apply!) OR you can apply to start your studies in September of 2016. With regard to financing your Quest undergraduate studies, keep in mind the following:

  • Regardless of nationality, all students are eligible for the school’s scholarships and bursaries AND fees are the same for everyone.
  • American students studying at Quest can still qualify for federal student aid.
  • Currently, $100 American is the equivalent of $129.17 Canadian, so paying for a Quest education with American money in your bank account is a good thing!

To conclude, a quest for Quest is a most excellent quest! Though the university has had students roaming its hallowed halls for less than a decade, it has accomplished much in a short time, offers a unique and (I think) awesome program, and promises great things to come.