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Spooky Traditions

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In honor of this Halloween weekend, I thought it prudent to bring to your attention a number of colleges that really know how to throw back the candy corn, don disguises, carve pumpkins, decorate dorms, cover in face paint, and indulge in the spookiness and fun that is Halloween!



Some colleges with noteworthy, spooky traditions (in random order) are…

  • Harvey Mudd College’s Halloweiner – It’s a massive barbecue / tailgate party in honor of Halloween!
  • Ohio University’s Halloween Block Party – Click on the link to see the google images of the event.  That is all.
  • Brown University’s Midnight Organ Concert – Come in costume and let the organ set the Halloween mood!
  • Texas A&M’s Wicked Woods – “Come out and join Kappa Sigma and thousands of other Aggies on a fun and frightening tour through the Wicked Woods.  Each year, Kappa Sigma collects over 3,000 pounds of canned goods and donates them to the Brazos Valley Food Bank!”
  • Roanoke College’s Ghost Class – Enroll in “Intellectual Inquiry: Ghosts and Human Perception” and you’ll have the chance to spend a night in a haunted house on campus!
  • Penn State’s Pumpkin Festival – This festival includes a brilliant, lighted pumpkin display!
  • University of Rochester’s Scare Fair – The annual Scare Fair takes place in the Rush Rhees Library and involves screenings of classic horror movies, a stack stalk, tower tours, and a costume contest, among other things.
  • Georgetown University – The Exorcist and the Healy Howl – “Georgetown has at least two great Halloween traditions. One of these is the “Healy Howl,” a midnight gathering of undergraduate students for the purpose of howling at the moon like wolves.  Georgetown’s second great Halloween tradition is the screening of The Exorcist in Gaston Hall. Scripted by Georgetown alumnus William Peter Blatty and shot on and around the university campus, The Exorcist is the Georgetown movie.”
  • Skidmore College’s Moorebid Ball – “It’s always been incredible. Two floors, Two Dj stations, camera booths, and a whole lot of scoping out the scene to see what everyone is wearing.”
  • University of Richmond’s Trick-Or-Treat Street – It’s fitting that a school with a spider mascot should make this list! Trick-Or-Treat Street is a free, community-wide event where everyone “can enjoy food from the Firehouse BBQ food truck, a bounce house and other themed activities, including straw mazes, presented by costume-clad University of Richmond students.”
  • UNC – Halloween on Franklin Street – “Begun in the early 80s with a few town residents, their children and a few college students strolling up and down Franklin Street, the gathering has become known as the Halloween celebration of the Southeast. The event took on a life of its own so that now Franklin Street swells to about 50,000 people after 9:00 pm.”
  • Connecticut College’s Halloween Organ Concert – The event takes place in the chapel and “the audience is invited to wear Halloween costumes and enjoy candy after the concert.”
  • MIT Pumpkin Drop – “If a 5 kg pumpkin is tossed such that it reaches the peak of its trajectory one meter above the roof of the Green Building, which is 90 meters tall, with what velocity does the pumpkin meet the ground in McDermott Court? How much time, in seconds, does the airborne pumpkin have to come to terms with its identity before landing? You may neglect wind, viscous drag, and the altered aerodynamics of cold, wet pumpkins for the sake of simplicity.”
  • Trinity University’s Calvert Ghosts – This Halloween tradition involves the men who live on the 3rd floor of Calvert becoming “ghosts” by getting into their birthday suits and then streaking across campus!
  • Carleton College’s Halloween Concert & Costume Concert – The concert and contest are “held in the sufficiently gothic Chapel every Halloween at midnight, and features the Carleton orchestra providing a soundtrack for the night’s festivities.”
  • Lebanon Valley College’s Walking Ghost Tour – “Every October, students, parents and faculty are invited to get up close and personal with Lebanon Valley College’s many spirits on a walking ghost tour run by English professor Kevin Pry. According to Pry, there are about 18 to 20 active ghost stories surrounding the school, but each year, new chilling tales emerge.”
  • Stanford University’s Mausoleum Party – “After traversing a sea of faux animals, celebrities and monsters, I reached the venue. Cobwebs spread across the facade, and red and orange lights illuminated the sphinxes that flanked the Mausoleum.”

Happy Halloween from all of us at Admitster!