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The Scholar Snapp Solution

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There has been so much going on in the world of college admissions lately (the College ScorecardFAFSA changes, the test-optional movement, the Coalition for Access, Affordability, and Success, and new college ranking systems, to name but a few examples) that it’s easy for some news to quietly pass by largely unnoticed. One example of such news is a recent collaboration between The Common Application and Scholar Snapp, which was developed by the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation back in 2008. The purpose of the Scholar Snapp solution is, in a nutshell, to increase access to college scholarship funds. How is this accomplished? Well, as is stated on their website, “The Scholar Snapp solution will help you complete applications faster by pre-populating basic information requested in all scholarship applications and will help you find money for college by matching your data with the qualifications of various scholarship providers.” In other words, the Scholar Snapp solution provides users with the tools and resources needed to both find scholarships and make it easier to apply for them – nice!



Scholar Snapp’s collaboration with The Common App is currently a pilot program, one through which The Common App shows evidence of its support of and commitment to both access and opportunity.  As the CEO of The Common Application has said, “The Common Application is deeply committed to increasing college access and to us that means not only connecting our colleges and universities with the talented students across the country, but also finding ways to help students and families to finance education.” I have high hopes that this pilot program will prove to be a success!

And how, exactly, does it work? You see, when a Common App user opts-in to Scholar Snapp, they then receive information directly from scholarship providers and, should they decide to then apply for those scholarships, it’s an expedited process using their Scholar Snapp file. Remember, one of the cool things about Scholar Snapp is that “once a student enters data for the first time, a scholarship application will allow a student to download their basic data and then upload it again to another application” – click here to learn more about this “Common App for scholarships”!

A few more things to keep in mind:

  • Students who opt-in to Scholar Snapp will not receive information about college-specific scholarships, so they should still plan to delve into college websites to search for college-specific funding opportunities.
  • The Common App is a great place to create a Scholar Snapp file, but know that it’s also possible to create a file via the Scholar Snapp website or using any scholarship application on which there is a Scholar Snapp logo.
  • As is the case with using Admitster’s online college admissions tools (simply take 30 seconds to register an account with us), using the Scholar Snapp solution is absolutely free!

To sum up (and surely you’ve seen this coming), using Scholar Snapp is a snap! It’s a great way to both save time and find scholarship money – funding opportunities await!