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This post finds us stepping to the end of the diving board, adjusting our goggles and bathing cap, taking a deep breathe, and diving back into the refreshingly cool waters of the 3026 Series – splash! Up today is the oldest college in Wisconsin – founded in Beloit, WI, in 1846, it’s the aptly-named Beloit College! Things I like very much about this school:

  • It has both an official mascot, a Buccaneer, and a wonderful unofficial mascot, a turtle! Yes, a turtle! And this is why – “The Beloit College campus features 20 conical, linear, and animal effigy mounds built between about AD 400 and 1200. One, in the form of a turtle, has inspired the symbol (and unofficial mascot) of the College.” Read more about it here!
  • The college is home to a relatively new (completed in 2008) Center for the Sciences – “As a LEED certified green building, it reflects Beloit’s commitment to building the right building in the right way for the College and the broader society.” Another new building on campus is the Hendricks Center for the Arts, completed in 2010, and the fitness center and stadium have also been recently updated – things are happening at Beloit!
  • Beyond being the destination for those seeking to see the world’s largest can of chili, there is also quite a lot going on in the town of Beloit, including an international film festival, which is associated with the college – cool!
  • As was pointed out by U.S. News & World Report in their recent rankings, Beloit College “is known for its success in sending students to post-graduate programs, ranking among the top 20 liberal arts colleges in the country for the number of graduates who go on to earn a Ph.D.”
  • The college boasts of both an art museum and a museum of anthropology – click here to learn more about them and their collections!
  • The college is known for its August tradition of coming up with a Mindset List for the entering class. The list, back in 1998, was “started as a witty way of saying to faculty colleagues ‘watch your references’ (and now) has turned into a globally reported and utilized guide to the intelligent.” Click here to read the Class of 2019 Mindset List – see if it rings true for you!
  • Should you find yourself in the college’s Physics & Astronomy Department, you will discover therein a 500,000 volt Van de Graff proton and alpha particle accelerator!
  • In terms of admissions, it’s worth pointing out that the college has, beyond traditional applicants, also given special consideration to those students who are applying to college as high school juniors, to third culture kids (“people who have grown up in cultures outside of their parents’ culture”), to transfer students, and to international applicants! Further, in terms of current trends, Beloit is test-optional (for most students) and has also recently partnered with ZeeMee, giving applicants the opportunity to bring their college applications to life!
  • On a final note, back in April of 2006, Beloit students broke the record for the longest game of Ultimate Frisbee ever played – 72 hours! Know that the college has a frisbee golf course on its campus and that “you don’t make it through Beloit without ever having played Frisbee!”

If this has piqued your interest, click here to see “Beloit College At Ludicrous Speed” – an hour long tour of the campus given in only five minutes! You can also learn more about the collge’s “distinctive offerings” by clicking here, and for fast facts about Beloit, visit this page. Finally, be sure to check out the College Scorecard data for Beloit College! If you like all that you’re reading, click here to learn more about financial aid options at the college – see what it will take to make Beloit College your ultimate school!