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College Readiness for Students


With the important day-to-day work of teaching, administration, and advising, many high schools struggle to provide the customized and continuous college advising that many students, parents, guidance counselors, and administrators desire. There may be too few guidance counselors, too many students, too-tight budgets, and/or too many other issues on-hand. As a result, guidance teams may spend a great deal of time managing high school challenges rather than helping students to prepare for their next steps to college or other post-secondary opportunities.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

At Admitster we’ve developed a revolutionary approach that brings together our college admissions expertise and powerful, predictive online tools with the one-on-one personalized coaching that students need to succeed. And we’re able to do it at prices that are surprisingly affordable for budget-conscious schools.

Your students will receive one-on-one coaching throughout the entire college admissions process — from college readiness, to initial list selection, to essay development and review, to applications, to selecting a great-fit college to attend. With our personalized, data-driven approach, we will be there alongside your advisers, helping each student to do everything they need to do in order to gain admission to the colleges or programs to which they strive. You’ll increase your students’ acceptance rates – and their college completion rates as well, given that best-fit schools (in terms of academic, financial, physical, and social/cultural fit) will be a high priority throughout the admissions process.

Partnership for College Success

Through our Partnership for College Success program, Admitster’s experts meet with students in one-on-one college advising sessions beginning as early as 9th grade, and provide continued support throughout students’ high school years. We provide school counselors and families with essential support to ensure that each student has a detailed, personalized plan for their college application process. Our proprietary technology and world-class advisers offer flexible, holistic support. Partnerships are customized to the size, scale, and needs of each institution.

We offer affordable packages with school rates, and the partnership program includes comprehensive services for students, schools, and families:

Working with your guidance department and school leadership, Admitster offers comprehensive one-on-one, data-driven college coaching through the entire admissions process. Each student builds a close relationship with a coach who works with them throughout the process. Advisers and students use Admitster’s online tools to help students make optimal, data-driven college admissions strategies and decisions.
Note: Essay and college list building services can also be purchased on a stand-alone basis.

  • Beginning the journey – Using generative question models to get to know a student well, while also helping to develop his/her goals for college and ensuring a good understanding of the admissions process, we create an applicant profile.
  • Admissions plan – We develop a customized college admissions plan that’s just right for each student, based on the college admissions timeline and the student’s personal preferences and goals.
  • College list building – Our experts will help each student to create a balanced list of best fit colleges, based on such criteria as the student’s grades, test scores, interests, and background.
  • Admissions process management – We help the student to effectively manage the entire admissions process, ensuring that key steps are followed and that applications are complete and submitted on-time.
  • Essay development – Admitster’s experts will help each student to craft the essay(s) that incorporate their unique strengths, experiences, and viewpoint.
  • College essay review – We provide expert feedback and follow-up on personal college essays in order to ensure that the essays are college-application ready. On this task, we can work with individual students and/or groups of students.

Admitster partners with schools to create a more effective, streamlined admissions process for their case load of students.

  • Customized program – We work with you to ensure that the program is geared towards your school’s mission, college admissions program, students’ needs, daily schedules, staff expertise, and more.
  • Collaboration – Within the structure of your school day and counseling program, we work alongside your staff to ensure that partnership meetings and student sessions are successful and meaningful.
  • Assessment and ongoing communication – We work to identify gaps and needs, set benchmarks, and to provide interim and end-of-academic-year reports.
  • Coaching – We can train school counselors on Admitster methodology, college admissions best practices, and use of our predictive tools.
  • Advanced Student Management System for counselors – School conselors can use Admitster’s software to keep track of where students are applying and what their chances of acceptance are for each school.

As part of our program, Admitster educates parents on the college admissions process.

  • Presentations – For families, we offer presentations on college planning and trends in college admissions. Admitster can speak at your back-to-school or college planning nights.
  • Demo workshops – We can also instruct families on how to use our software to help manage their teen’s college admissions process.

The Admitster Team
Hailing from world-renowned colleges such as Harvard, Oxford, Princeton, Columbia, Cornell, The University of Chicago, Berkeley, The University of Michigan, Boston College, and NYU, the Admitster Team brings deep and diverse experience across the fields of education, college admissions, writing, quantitative analysis & big data, and computer science. Admitster was founded in 2013 by a Boston-based team dedicated to democratizing college admissions, access, and college success.

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