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Once you have come up with a college list using our College List Builder tool, you are ready to get predictions for your chances at each school on your list.We will show you how our tool works, but to see what it does, give our live prediction widget below a try! Type the first few letters of a college you are interested in, and then move the slider to set your GPA.

Prediction Tool

You aren’t seeing a prediction for just any school, but what the chances are for that specific school, given the GPA entered. But Admitster takes all your data and uses it for predictions, including test scores, leadership, extracurricular activities, and more!

After entering your profile information and selecting schools, you can go to the “Predictions” page in the application and you will get a screen like this:


You can also click “see more” to get details. So let’s see what it says for the University of Southern California:


What we’ve learned is that my non-academic factors are actually OK. It’s my grades and test scores that are keeping me from getting in. That’s good to know for what I can do to increase my chances of getting in there.

Now that you understand how predictions work, you can proceed to learn about our “What If” tool, and how to improve your chances of admission…