Your Perfect College List built by World-Class College Admissions Experts

Fill out a detailed proprietary questionnaire that we send you, and from this, our expert team will research and provide you with a perfect college list and the reasons each college is on the list. The list will include safety, target, and reach schools. We will also meet with you to go over the list and explain our thinking.

We start with a one-hour interview to understand your dreams and desires for college, as well as any particular needs that you may have that make a particular college a great fit for you. We then give you three rounds of revisions, with continuing conversations to make sure we understand your wishes for college! You can use these revisions now, and then again as you approach application deadlines. This option is highly recommended for students seeking admittance to highly selective universities.

Do you have questions about how to create your college list? We can help! Admitster is proud to offer My Perfect List, an affordable college list builder service. Guidance is provided by leading college admissions experts. Not only do we ensure your list matches what is special about you, but we aim to surprise you with colleges you might never have thought of before, but will seriously consider attending!

Admitster List Builders include…

Ron Rubin, CEO at
Dr. Ron Rubin 
PhD Harvard BA Princeton
Dr. Katie Zandbergen, Research Director at
Dr. Katie Zandbergen 
PhD Oxford BS Skidmore

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