Admitster in the news!

MIN #82 was an incredible night!

Located at Endurance International Group’s beautiful new space in Burlington, Mass Innovation Nights 82 featured a unique range of products. The space was fun and perfect for presentations and networking.

Attendees had the wonderful opportunity of checking out Endurance’s new space, networking and learning about new products. We also had TriNet on hand to share their experiences and available to answer any questions that attendees had.

A special thanks to Endurance International Group for hosting, catering, and being so welcoming!

Our Audience Choice Winners Were:

Grand Prize Winner-


Favorite Audience Products-




A Brookline start-up called, is aiming to level the playing field of the college admission process by bringing affordable admission tools to the public.

Admitster is an online college admission agency that provides data predictions, experienced counselors and essay editing services to help students navigate the application process.

The idea originated when CEO Ron Rubin’s child was high school and looking at colleges.
“It’s a complex, beguiling process that leaves everyone, even the most put-together families confused with their heads spinning. Our mission was to come up with a means where we would provide advice and access throughout the nation as a national agency to a middle class“ said Rubin. He said he is able to bring down the price point by using technology.

The services are split into three different parts: online data predictor tools, essay editing/reviewing services and college admission counseling.