Free Advising Module
Admitster’s counselor module is free for all, and is used to help college advisers work with students to determine which schools to apply to, calculate their chances of admission at each school, and then determine how to increase those chances.

While the most frequent users of the counselor module are school-based guidance counselors, over the years we have seen the following kinds of users use the counselor module to great success:

  • School-based guidance counselors, seeking to keep track of entire student cohorts.
  • Private college counselors, using it to better advise their clients on their admissions chances.
  • Home-school groups, looking to advise large groups of students on the best path to college.
  • Parents of large families, seeking to advise multiple college-bound children simultaneously.

The module is the best free college counseling tool on the market today. After registration, counselors and students can invite each other to Admitster and easily link their accounts. We have heard from principals and guidance counselors who tell us that when a student achieves something new, such as boosting their GPA, they love going into Admitster and seeing their odds improve. We hope you have the same experience!