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Looking for a simple revision to turn your good essay into a great essay? We can do that! Need to turn a first draft into a finished product? We can do that, too!

$75 – one round of edits, one scored rubric – Best for final drafts.
$140 – two rounds of edits – Best for first drafts.

Want some facetime with our awesome reviewers? Our packages enable students to speak to reviewers to clarify written feedback, and develop strategies for improvement. Highly recommended for students seeking admittance to highly selective universities.

$150 – one round of edits, one scored rubric, 30 minutes of essay consulting with the reviewer – Best for final drafts for highly selective universities.
$295 – two rounds of edits, two scored rubrics, 1 hour of essay consulting with the reviewer – Best for second drafts for highly selective universities.

  • How do I turn my good college admissions essay into a great one?
  • I have some good ideas for my essay but how do I know if they make sense for a college application?
  • What subject matters to colleges? Is it different for each one?

Have questions about college essays? We can help! Admitster is proud to offer Wicked Smart, an affordable college essay assistance program. Guidance is provided by leading college admissions experts. Not only do we ensure your essay tells your unique story and is mistake-free, but we also help you cater it to your top-choice college.

Lead Wicked Smart Reviewers

Ron Rubin, CEO at Admitster.com
Dr. Ron Rubin 
PhD Harvard BA Princeton
Dr. Katie Zandbergen, Research Director at Admitster.com
Dr. Katie Zandbergen 
PhD Oxford BS Skidmore

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