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One of the most important tasks in applying to college is determining where to apply. Many students have a favorite college or two, but most people have difficulty coming up with a well-balanced list of schools that are right for them. Well-balanced means a combination of reach, target, and safety schools that ensure students will be accepted at several schools, and have good choices about which to attend. Reach schools are schools where you have a 10-32% chance of admission. Target schools are where you have a 33-65% of admission. Safety schools are 66-95% chance of admission (because of the unpredictability of college admissions, we do not allow a 100% chance of admission to any school). Our tools automatically put schools into these categories so you know how balanced your list is.

Search Options

As you can see above, we even give you three different ways to do it!

1. Search for a college

In the search box, you can enter the name or city of the college you are interested in, then select it. (Note: avoid including the words ‘college’ or ‘university’ so you don’t get too many matches)

Colgate Search

You can also type in a city or town to find schools there!


Once you choose a school, it will be added to your list below with your chances of getting in (according to the profile information you have entered).


If looking up schools is all you need, you can click here to proceed to our next tool: predictions!

Otherwise, read on for more options to find schools.

2. Take a survey

If you don’t know where to look, you can go to our survey tool, which asks you a series of questions to narrow down possible schools to 20 or fewer to choose from.


You can narrow the search with several criteria, resulting in a list like this, which shows less-selective urban colleges with degrees in neurobiology with 4,000-10,000 students.
You can go back and change your answers in order to see different results.


3. Similar schools


Last, we have some really interesting suggestions. Once you have chosen a few schools, we can use those schools – along with your profile information – and find other schools that people like you have applied to.


All done with our College List Builder!

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