Coolidge Corner, Brookline, MA (This is the view out of our windows!)

About Working Here (Important!)

We are a very interesting Boston-area tech startup that would be a great opportunity for the right kind of person. We have been around for more than a year, and we have an amazing, working product – our college admissions tool – which is being used by many tens of thousands of people. It’s a product that your friends and relatives will understand, not the latest mobile-social-cloud-whatever startup thing that vanishes in a year.

As this is a tool that is used by students and schools, our history has been that of an “Educational Technology” startup. It was founded by Harvard/MIT/Columbia education researchers and scientists.

However, in early 2015, we shook off our EdTech background and have pivoted toward being a consumer Internet firm, with all the pressures and possibilities that come with that. We hired a seasoned and highly-respected Chief Technology Officer who supported this change and understands what we need to do in order to compete in that world.

We still believe in our social mission of leveling the playing field for getting into college, but we now see ourselves as a disruptor; bringing the content, features, and advice to the masses that will shake up an industry that is worth tens of billions of dollars. We are no longer competing with educational software firms, but for the attention of teenagers and their parents. We can’t do that with a website that gets updated every couple of months. Our plans are to add content and new releases every day. Imagine a “go to” site for teenagers and parents confused about college admissions, that brings down the temperature and makes things achievable. You have just created ADMITster in your head!

We have just completed a successful seed round of investment, and now we need to bring on ambitious people who will disrupt the world with us.  We have (just) enough money to do amazing things in the coming year. We can’t pay you top dollar (yet!), but we can promise you an amazing experience changing the landscape for teenagers and their parents. Sounds like something for you?

Where we are

One of the great benefits about working here is our location! We have an office with right-out-front bus and train access (Green C Line, 66 Bus, and Bridj!). Coolidge Corner also has lots of coffee shops and restaurants.


Lastly, we are a welcoming and inclusive place to work, and we believe in a work-life balance, even at a startup.