Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: College

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  • a humorous and nontraditional college life guide with humorous, over-the-top takes on manifold wild potential campus scenarios
  • servings of spot-on, helpful advice are interspersed throughout the cheekily written work
  • a great off-kilter graduation gift for the college-bound senior who’s more ironic than innocent

No one wants to plant seeds of a nightmare in the head of a college-bound dreamer. And yet that’s exactly what the Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook‘s title would purportedly be doing to an innocent Pollyanna who’s heart is set on Penn.

Rooted in the entirely joking belief that “students are at risk from the moment they receive their acceptance letters,” this book from three campus “walk of shame” survivors isn’t your grandmother’s yellow-brick-road college guide. Thankfully leavened by a generously humorous tone, Worst-Case Scenario won’t win applause from parents with too much optimism stocked in their children’s college hopes; this is a book such children might be gifted from their worldlier, sardonic older cousins.

Students who do procure this title will get the skinny on topics that heads-in-the-sand moms and dads won’t touch on: How to Eat When You’re Broke, How to Open a Bottle Without an Opener, How to Tell Your Parents You’ve Been Expelled. While more practical non-emergency scenarios are also spotlighted (the art of avoiding doing laundry, surviving a messy dorm bathroom), Worst-Case Scenario also provides occasional doses of meaningful, useful advice for college campus peace of mind. Rising university freshmen who hanker for college life honesty will probably sneak this title any way they can.