U Chic: College Girls’ Real Advice for Your First Year (and Beyond!)

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  • an intelligent read for more timid high school juniors and seniors who dream of becoming a college campus Super Woman
  • features sensitive, thoughtful advice and anecdotes on all the classic female-first-year topics and themes
  • empowers young women to reframe college as their opportunity to own their inner strength

Welcome to college, wallflowers and shrinking violets. Enlivening as it is intimidating, a university campus can bring out a young woman’s meeker elements as well as her bolder capacities, depending on herĀ approach to the more adult and intensely academic atmosphere. U Chic: College Girls’ Real Advice For Your First Year tailors its content to the freshman girl who fears that the stresses of college life — boys, buying books, building bridges with professors and mentors — will leave her coming undone. Author Christie Gardon makes over this more trepidatious perspective in favor of a mindset that transcends obstacles with sheer girl power.

College Girls’ Real Advice admittedly doesn’t tread into uncharted waters of guides for female freshmen-to-be. “Sex Ed 101,” “Facing Sexual Harassment,” “Using Summers Wisely:” all topics that nearly every book of this nature must touch on by default. Gardon’s work stands out, then, primarily for its hand-holding breakdown of key social episodes that a young woman will face on campus, such as “Is Love Possible in the Age of Hookups?” and “Avoiding the Credit Card Black Hole.”

Even young men who sneak their way into this guide could profit from a good deal of what Gardon includes. For the shyer high school senior looking to metamorphose into a formidable college woman come the fall, College Girls’ Real Advice is ideal fodder for her empowerment.