The Straight-A Conspiracy: Your Secret Guide to Ending the Stress of School and Totally Ruling the World

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  • challenges and largely undoes the notion that great students are only born, not made
  • an informally written yet deeply inspirational read for any young person who feels like they just don’t have the right stuff to rank at the top of the class
  • presents readers with step-by-step, science-based advice on how to navigate any course, no matter its difficulty, toward a higher grade

Geniuses and wunderkinds, eat your heart out. One of the most popular and pernicious false truths pervading high school and college campuses today, according to the authors of the revelatory Straight A Conspiracy, is that amazing students were simply born with advantages that outclass mere academic mortals.

“Every moment of your [academic] life is based on [this] lie,” the authors argue from the start, and Straight A Conspiracy does well to energize and substantiate the point through a casual yet cogent writing style. For any student downtrodden by an intellectual inferiority complex, as well as for the grownups who support him, Straight A Conspiracy is a must-read.

Advice-rich sections like “Navigate Your Test Prep Like a London Cabbie” and “Take the Mystery Out Of Your Reading” alternate with research-based inspirational passages that help young readers balance their emotions and train their gaze on the grades of their dreams.

This is an ideal purchase to bulletproof teens’ self-confidence, study habits, and test prep readiness well before the season for college applications nears. And in lieu of turning back time, parents and grownups can smooth their favorite young person’s path to academic excellence with this title.