The Secrets of College Success

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  • not particularly revelatory when it comes to college life advice
  • rather repetitive, and experienced readers will see a lot of the counsel coming from a mile away
  • best for bright-eyed bushy tailed high school underclassmen for whom college remains a distant, dreamy future

Eight hundred tips seem to boil down to a quarter that number, when all is said and done in The Secrets of College Success.

Authors Lynn Jacobs and Jeremy Hyman endeavor to pack this guide book with an abundance of helpful pieces of counsel for those navigating the ups and downs of college living. But needless repetition and predictable, sometimes hackneyed prose does in their efforts. Suitable for frisky high school sophomores and juniors who can’t contain their enthusiasm for a future college experience, The Secrets won’t challenge graduating seniors to keep it for very long.

The Secrets primarily hinges on introductory morsels of advice for the almost completely naive, so much so that Campus Life Basics 101 would make an effective subtitle. The tips vary in quality and practicality, from the wacky but fluffy “College Student Bill of Rights” to the well written warning of “10 Signs You’re In Real Trouble In College.” Although purportedly geared toward all college students, the book’s earnest and warm tone earmark it as ideal reading for rising freshmen looking to begin their academic careers on campus with their best feet forward.

There’s ultimately nothing secretive or particularly special about the common-sense, dime-a-dozen counsel in which The Secrets indulges.