The Organized Student: Teaching Children the Skills for Success in School and Beyond

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  • an important and insightful read for any parent trying to coax their child into better, healthier organization habits
  • emphasizes practical tips that can be customized to fit almost any teens’ situation
  • includes special content for those with ADD and other learning disorders

The Organized Student: such a simple, shining image that’s so far removed, as least initially, from the young people author Donna Goldberg intended this meticulously helpful book to reach. Students who self-sabotage with streaks of forgetting assignments and test dates, would-be Einsteins challenged by egregiously cluttered rooms and workspaces: it’s not these diamond-in-the-rough youth, but rather their parents that the book is targeting. Written with the utmost kindness and practicality, The Organized Student brims over with tip after genius tip on teasing out the organizational genius in your very own son or daughter.

Goldberg endows The Organized Student with a logical, step-by-step structure, working parents through restructuring their children’s patterns of preparedness in their lockers, backpacks, desks, binders, and — yes, the “Final Frontier” — their bedrooms as well.

Written in 2005, the book predates the prevalence of smartphones and wave of apps that could either help or hinder the modern student’s path to time- and space-management. But The Organized Student maintains its relevance with valuable sections on addressing the specific needs of students with ADD and other learning disorders, as well as managing the perennial challenge of cleaning and de-cluttering at the end of the school year. The Organized Student standardizes the process of getting clear and tidy in ways that almost every parent will be happy to take up.