The Naked Roommate

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  • A frank and thorough breakdown of gearing up for, and successfully navigating, the realities of college life
  • Ideal reading for mature high school juniors and seniors craving a raw yet rewarding reveal of the good, the bad, and the ugly of their next four years as undergrads
  • A wise buy for parents on the lookout for materials to help both them and their kids successfully, honestly transition to college

“Goodbye high school blues, and hello cloud-nine college campus!” Many teens hold this rose-colored sense of what the university experience offers. But The Naked Roommate knows better. While not robbing college-bound readers of their anticipation, the book sets them straight with an array of honest anecdotes and thoughtful advice on how to thrive on campus.

The provocative title alone encourages readers to brace themselves for its candid contents. Witty author Harlan Cohen completely disrobes the truth of college life in every important scenario, from Greek life to earning great grades. Two themes resonate loudest throughout Roommate: “expect the unexpected,” and “get comfortable with the uncomfortable.” But Cohen balances these warnings with warm, practical suggestions on how to use them for the ultimate on-campus happiness.

Cohen’s “first year thong” metaphor is a hilarious, wholesome example of this, reminding soon-to-be freshmen that no one escapes that initial discomfort and awkwardness in college. “Give yourself permission to be uncomfortable,” Cohen suggests, and college life immediately brightens up. The book applies similar optimism to hot-button topics like handling difficult roommates, navigating relationships in college, and preparing for the reality of drinking on campus.

Slightly squeamish, unadventurous readers should skip this title, while those who prefer their college prep material with an edge will likely finish Roommate in one absorbing sitting. And parents looking for an honest resource to equip their children for an authentic undergraduate experience: you’ve found one book you should definitely purchase.