That Crumpled Paper Was Due Last Week: Helping Disorganized and Distracted Boys Succeed in School and Life

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  • a must-read for parents of distracted and disorganized boys, ideally before they start high school
  • presents a series of different types of disorganization to help diagnose specific issues in boys
  • packed with practical tips and advice on study skills, homework management and more that can actually be implemented with ease

Educational counselor Ana Houmayoun is looking out for our young men in ways their schools and learning environments aren’t any longer. Whereas society has thankfully now largely considered boys and girls to be equally likely of star academic potential, something in the water has conspired to leave many male students behind their female counterparts in areas like grades, organizational skill, and academic discipline. But citing the hackneyed “girls are just better multitaskers” argument doesn’t suffice, and That Crumpled Paper looks more deeply into the male brain for useful and encouraging discourse and advice on building better classroom performance in boys.

Houmayoun begins by further individualizing the conversation to specific types of disorganized young man which might represent readers’ sons, like the sincere slacker, the scattered charmer, or the creative wonder. That Crumpled Paper then assists parents in devising a strategy to return their boys to a successful route, via goal-setting, binder and planner organization, study strategies, health and wellness advice, and more.

The book even examines how such major events as learning disabilities and divorce can impact a youngster, and wise advice on overcoming these obstacles. Every parent of a distracted young man who holds the promise of Stanford or Dartmouth and more should procure That Crumpled Paper with due haste.