Straight-A Study Skills: More Than 200 Essential Strategies to Ace Your Exams, Boost Your Grades, and Achieve Lasting Academic Success

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  • essential reading for eighth graders and younger, to develop the sort of study skills and academic discipline that translates into a great collegiate career
  • written in a tone that young people will actually want to stick with and apply; avoids preachiness in favor of practicality
  • parents in need of a resource to help their children wring more from their learning should buy this pronto

Help your pre-teen sidestep the academic hazards to Harvard and other top-rank schools with this essential book on endowing them with the studying technique required to unleash their full academic potential. Straight-A Study Skills, written by a mother-son duo who’ve earned envy-making collegiate success, provides eye-opening advice on maximizing class time quality, crafting great essays, taking perfect notes, and more.

It’s indispensable for fortifying a student’s odds at an extraordinary college career, with chapters like “Build Teacher Relationships” and “Excel Beyond the Classroom.” Opening with a treatise on “The Purpose of School and How to Master It,” the book avoids the didactic in favor of a delightfully simple and step-by-step approach.

Though high school veterans could skim more than a few helpful tips from this title, the authors seem to have aimed at a more pliable audience: eighth and ninth graders and perhaps even younger potential phenoms, particularly those from households unschooled in the art of passing down expert study skills to their children. And of course, genius parents looking for a genius resource for their gifted children should prick up their ears at this as well.

Laden with relatable advice that establishes an extraordinary foundation for learning in youngsters, Straight-A Study Skills demands to be purchased alongside just one other tool: a highlighter.