Sterling AP Chemistry Practice Questions: High Yield AP Chemistry Questions (Sterling Test Prep)

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  • an essential purchase for students intent on facing the exam with full confidence
  • 1700 authentic and challenging practice problems covering every major AP Chem topic
  • best used throughout the school year as a way to both gauge and maintain progress in an AP Chem course

AP Chemistry students will have to do a bit more than memorize the Table of Elements in order to feel confident come exam day. Copious practice with authentic test content cannot be beat to ensure a solid performance on the exam, and Sterling AP Chemistry Practice Questions stands alone as the definitive motherlode of exceptional practice content. Best used in conjunction with either a strong textbook or meaty formal prep resource, this superpowered resource stands as a must-purchase for serious AP Chem disciples.

The title’s 1700 questions are thankfully grouped by exam-specific topic (States of Matter, Acids and Bases, etc.), allowing readers to concentrate on specific gaps in their chemistry acumen. Students can also visit Sterling Test Prep’s website for an option to sort the questions by degree of difficulty, as well as to take a diagnostic mock exam as a way to identify areas to designate as focuses.

Sterling AP Chemistry Practice Questions varies the complexity of its content, making it equally accessible for use at the beginning of the school year and in the final weeks of April before the exam arrives. Students intent on arriving at that exam overprepared will enjoy finding every opportunity to work through these Practice Questions throughout the school year.