Smart but Scattered Teens: The “Executive Skills” Program for Helping Teens Reach Their Potential

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  • a relieving and insightful read for parents of children who struggled with being gifted or having ADD or a learning disorder
  • empathetically lays out practical strategies and parenting tips to help these students maximize their potential
  • written primarily for frustrated parents and educators, not so much for the teens themselves

Does your son understand Ohms law but still forgets the combination to his locker? Can your daughter rival Yo Yo Ma on cello, yet rarely remembers to bring her sheet music to rehearsal? Smart but Scattered Teens like these hold so much almost-there promise, and the authors — two vetted learning and attention disorder specialists and a twentysomething writer who’s struggled with these issues firsthand — do much to help realize such potential in this title.

Aimed at parents looking to unravel the mysteries of “why [their] teen at one minute can seem so capable and at the next minute can’t seem to get out of his or her own way,” Smart but Scattered employs a heaping amount of compassion in deconstructing the ways in which these adolescents are so troubled, and actionable steps to set them on a clearer-headed path.

A writing style that avoids any condescension flows through sections like “What Makes Your Teen Smart but Scattered,” “Modifying the Environment,” and “Increasing Emotional Control.” The authors also effectively clarify why punishments aren’t effective and why micromanaging can ultimately backfire. Parents and educators fond of could-be phenoms handcuffs by the stresses of growing up gifted or with an attention disorder will find both sanctuary and solutions in this helpful, enlightening work.