Making College Count: A Real World Look at How to Succeed in and After College

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  • gives other college advice books a run for their money in how clearly and convincingly it sets up students for worthwhile jobs after graduation
  • extremely practical and laden with common sense wisdom
  • great for its approach on every component of the college journey, including deciding which campus to call home

Getting in is one thing, getting a job out of it is another. Yet whereas most college-as-employment-fodder advice books pressure young students to select an Easy Street major like business or computer science for a reliable route to work after leaving campus, Making College Count sidesteps the pushiness for a more practical, conscientious approach.

The book presents an array of thoughtful, intelligent methods by which very good students can position themselves for very good jobs, post graduation, beginning with a freshman year that starts the college journey on auspicious footing. From making the all-important the decision of which campus to ultimately choose, to aiming for the top percentile of the graduation class from day one on said campus, Making College Count takes care to include practically every facet of the university journey into its contents.

Author Pat O’Brien makes a strong push for the 7 Habits of Highly Successful Teens crowd and largely wins them over with his urgent yet unaffected tone. In fact, Making College Count bests 7 Habits and college advice books in the specificity of its message, the precise differences between “What Your Future Employer Is Looking For” and “What Your Grad School Is Looking For,” the importance of “Personal Fitness” toward a successful collegiate career, and a nifty “Semester-by-Semester Guide” among the detailed high points.

Definitely a must-read for parents looking to instill career vision into their future college grads.