Make It Stick: The Science of Successful Learning

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  • a game-changing read on how we really learn, shot through with insight
  • great reading for parents, educators, and students (especially those early in their high school careers) to step into more powerful learning strategies
  • well-written chapters fly by like a feature film in how they captivate attention

Your highlighter? Toss it. Consider yourself more a visual or auditory learner, or vice versa? That no longer matters. Think that reading something will help it stick in your head? Think again. The authors of Make It Stick: The Science of Successful Learning are waging war on all the popular yet moribund beliefs on cognition that we still hold dear.

Make It Stick empowers readers to ditch “learn it the hard way” strategies, like re-reading and highlighting material, in favor of much more memory-friendly tactics such as learning for mastery instead of performance. With exciting chapter titles like “Learning Is Misunderstood” and “Increase Your Abilities,” Make It Stick makes mincemeat of old-fashioned cognition approaches and sends readers’ grasp of how our brains really work into overdrive.

Parents and educators will want bonbons and popcorn nearby, as Make It Stick is as absorbing as any film in how vividly it takes an ax to almost everything they’d previously hailed as truth when it comes to the learning process.

And high school freshmen and sophomores, with enough time for leisure reading before test prep overtakes their attention, will find themselves inspired and itching to apply Make It Stick‘s learning methods to their own study processes.