Make College Count: A Faithful Guide to Life and Learning

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  • a great read for Christian high school juniors and seniors wanting to ground their upcoming college experience in a spiritual foundation
  • empowers faithful young people not to fear college but to embrace it as an opportunity for growth
  • a meaningful present for the graduating teen

For high schoolers of Christian and other related religious backgrounds, transitioning to a college atmosphere, particularly a secular one, can incite a crisis of confidence. How to maintain faith in the face of real temptations? What elements of a college education are shaping my character the most? Which types of people should I surround myself with, and which should I steer clear of? Such questions on constructing a faith-based university lifestyle strike at the heart of Make College Count, penned by a youth ministry leader with experience in academic planning.

At just over one hundred pages, Make College Count provides a concise manual on making meaningful strides to Christian living on a college campus. Author Derek Melleby subtitles such chapters as “Why Are You Going to College?” and “How Will You Choose A Major?” with and “Finding Your Place in God’s Story” and “Putting Your Faith Into Action,” respectively, underscoring a Christ-centered approach toward classic college queries and demands.

And a strong, opinionated, reassuring theme permeates the work as its primary spine and argument: “Christian students should not fear college,” no matter which campus they may call home. Avidly faithful teens and their families find that Make College Count moonlights as a spiritually thoughtful gift come high school graduation day.