Letting Go (Fifth Edition): A Parents’ Guide to Understanding the College Years

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  • a very well written and compassionate guide for parents on navigating the transition from home to college
  • provides Moms and Dads with the caring, open space they need to express their complex emotional experiences regarding the change in relationship with their children
  • best read and digested before a child heads into their junior or senior year in high school

You stood by them through the “terrible twos,” helped them navigate the ups and downs of puberty, and made sixteen as sweet a year as it could be. And you now face what feels like the ultimate parenting hurdle: saying goodbye to your relationship with your child as it’s stood so far, as college nears and your child takes on adulthood and independence, primarily without you for the first time. Letting Go lessens the blow of this bittersweet juncture without dismissing parents’ pain or the complexity of the moment. With an exceptionally artful and compassionate writing style, the book ranks at the very top of parenting-in-college titles and is strongly recommended.

Author Karen Levin Coburn peppers Letting Go with invaluable and thoughtful anecdotes on the entirety of the college transitioning process, from before a child’s accepted to university through to her commencement ceremony. Coburn clarifies that moving her to a campus does not represent an endpoint as a parent, but rather a complex and enlightening extension of serving as Mom or Dad. Ideally read in the summer before a son or daughter’s junior year, Letting Go can provide the reassurance and empathy that transitioning parents need at any stage in this emotional and intellectual journey.