Ivy Global’s New SAT 2016 Guide, 1st Edition (Prep Book)

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  • The most comprehensive, if not yet completely validated, resource for the latest SAT changes debuting in 2016
  • Adheres to College Board’s guidelines for the New SAT almost to the letter
  • The most passionate students in the class of 2017 or younger will feel like early birds in starting to work with this title now

As the seasons change, so does the SAT – yet another redesign of the exam is set to debut in early 2016, this one aiming to assess students more along the lines of the current ACT test. Students in the class of 2017 or younger who are taking the SAT will be required to register for this updated version of the test, making Ivy Global’s New SAT 2016 Guide very tempting as a purchase for rising sophomores and juniors looking for an early edge.

The College Board has provided ample hints regarding the new SAT, but its Official SAT Guide has yet to be released, making it difficult to give a yay or nay on the New SAT 2016 Guide‘s true value and authenticity. That said, the book’s nearly thousand pages makes it worthwhile as a long-term resource to which to compare the official guide when it does reach publication.

It helps that the New SAT 2016 Guide does adhere to the Board’s guidelines meticulously, with “SAT Math Practice (No Calculator)” and “Persuasive Language” standing out as especially attentive to the new details. In advance of official word on what to expect from the new SAT, Ivy Global’s comprehensive makes for a solid anticipatory holdover to which ambitious underclassmen will happily gravitate.