How to Win at College: Surprising Secrets for Success from the Country’s Top Students

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  • a must-purchase for anyone looking to stack up on college advice titles
  • features seventy-five incredibly valuable tips for success, any one of which is seriously worth implementing
  • will inspire and set up high school seniors and college freshmen to reap the maximum experience from their college careers and beyond

Helicopter parent survivors find both relief and disbelief in the semi-sanctuary that is the college campus. The letup from being told what to do and when to do it unshackles talented kids whom Mom and Dad may have smothered too much. But the newfound freedom can leave these same students feeling marooned in an absence of an inner source of collegiately relevant wisdom. Enter the ever-inspiring Cal Newport to supplement this void with an abundance of dynamic, actionable advice in How to Win at College. Newport skips tips on laundry detergents and freshman fifteen avoidance in favor of bite-sized counsel drawn directly from students who soared to academic victory while in university. Ambitious students who long for a road to Rhodes scholar status or a resplendent career (or both!) will track down How to Win anyway they know how.

Left-field yet delicious recommendations characterize Newport’s title here, along with advice that rings of old-fashioned common sense. “Start Studying Two Weeks in Advance” finds space in How to Win, as does a push to “Take Art History and Astronomy,” as well as to “Make Friends Your #1 Priority” and “Eat Alone Twice A Day.” That every piece of advice is backed by a real-life anecdote or two from a truly exceptional students will challenge readers to implement as many of the seventy-five tips as their campuses can accommodate. This is a truly high-quality entry for any intrepid college kid’s advice bookshelf.