How to Survive Your Freshman Year: Fifth Edition (Hundreds of Heads Survival Guides)

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  • a comprehensive college life guide, made all the more convincing through its almost complete reliance on savvy anecdotes from real college students
  • humorous yet accessible writing style makes it an inviting read for rising freshmen and upperclassmen alike
  • covers practically every major college life issue with honesty and charm

Don’t rely on your son or daughter’s high school guidance counselor to cover the swathe of high-value advice that pops off the pages of Been There, Should’ve Done That, a by-students-for-students guide whose 995 Tips for Making the Most Of College go down with ease. A charming collection of insightful, practical anecdotes from graduates of various colleges throughout the country, this is a title your child’s future RAs might even use to break the ice on college life.

The book manages to survey quite a bit of college living territory, from whether or not to join a fraternity or sorority to mastering time management without Mom or Dad to keep students honest. Freshmen in particular can take armfuls of sage advance from Been There, Should’ve Done That, laden with a brand of “heads up” counsel that will steer them away from prickly scenarios that befall those not as well guided. And the book’s streetwise humor and concise writing style make it appropriate for sophomores and busy upperclassmen still on the path toward complete comfort in the college setting.

For the college-bound teen serious about arriving on campus game-day ready, Been There, Should’ve Done That should’ve been bought ten minutes ago.