How to Prepare a Standout College Application: Expert Advice that Takes You from LMO* (*Like Many Others) to Admit

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  • essential book for all students who want their college applications to reflect their absolute best qualities
  • convincingly helps students navigate the path from just another applicant to a must-accept admit
  • persuasive, clear, actionable tone might even have Mom and Dad thinking about applying to college for another go-round

Of everyone at your daughter’s high school, “he” didn’t get into Harvard: the high school senior with the perfect GPA, flawless test scores, compelling extracurriculars, and unquestioned run to Homecoming King. When Harvard rejects your picture-perfect Homecoming King, what are baffled parents and teens to do? Immediately purchase How to Prepare a Standout College Application.

Authors Allison Cooper Chisolm and Anna Ivey have crafted what’s inarguably one of the first books of its kind to convincingly demonstrate that “stellar credentials” alone do not a winning application make. How to Prepare lends rare insight and precision to nailing every component of an application, making it an absolute must-read.

Chisolm and Ivey begin with an eye-opening revelation — every student is an LMO, or “like many others;” having a near-perfect SAT score, for example, puts a student in league with 82,000 peers, just a few more than Stanford, Penn, and Brown combined can accept into a freshman class.

How to Prepare empowers students to transcend from LMO to dynamite admit through the use of seven strategies, among which “Think Like an Admissions Officer” and “Make the Form Work For You” in particular should radically define and improve any college application, even those of flawless Homecoming Kings. Not (yet) a popular title, students who get their hands on How to Prepare will enjoy an insider’s edge to the fat envelope they’ve been hoping for.