How to Get Into the Top Colleges, 3rd ed

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  • an adequate and worthwhile addition to any college admissions bookshelf
  • provides an expertly written work-through of all the classic applying-to-college topics and themes
  • a great purchase for eighth and ninth grade parents who want to position their child now for an ideal high school career

How to Get Into the Top Colleges doesn’t beat around the bush when it comes to its titular purpose. Well regarded admissions process expert Richard Montauk’s book won’t surprise frequent readers college admissions guides in its structure, tackling everything from “How to Use the Rankings” to “Requesting Recommendations.” It’s Top Colleges‘ tone of comfortable authority, then, that makes it worthwhile to anxious parents and college applicants.

Top Colleges concentrates on arguably the two hundred pickiest universities out there (read: the Ivy League), campuses studded with freshmen who all ranked in the top ten percent of their high schools or higher. The book does make a bigger deal than most of the “early decision” or “early action” option, yet readers should take Top Colleges‘ assertions on this lightly: choosing these options could triple a students’ admissions odds or have nil effect on them, a range that can fluctuate dramatically between admissions departments and from year to year.

Montauk’s title is perfectly geared toward parents of eighth and ninth graders, looking to make the horizon of their kids’ high school years as rosy (in terms of college admissions) as possible.