Have a New Teenager by Friday: From Mouthy and Moody to Respectful and Responsible in 5 Days

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  • a great read for helping frustrated parents understand the nitty gritty of teenage minds and relational dynamics with them
  • challenges and supports parents in creating internal changes within themselves that in turn create changes in how their teens relate to them
  • like having a top teen psychologist in your living room, thanks to an inviting and caring tone

And you thought it was the younger generation obsessed with instant gratification.

In an era when your groceries can be delivered and bullet trains are all the rage, it’s only natural that parents should want to shape up their teens in equally automated fashion. Author and pop psychologist Kevin Leman knows how to title a book to titillate his fed-up grownup fanbase, but Have A New Teenager by Friday is about much more than neutralizing your son’s attitude problem in time for the weekend. Parents who don’t mind having to transform themselves in order to spark change in their relationships with their kids might just Have A New Teenager in due time, indeed.

“I’m Telling You, They’ll Get Weirder than Weird;” “He Used to Be Normal: What Happened?;” “Talking to the ‘Whatever’ Generation:” Leman’s first three chapters alone prove enough to rework readers’ understanding of the teenage psyche and how best to understand and empathize with it. But as readers work through Leman’s sections — there’s one for each day of the week — Have a New Teenager encourages them to have epiphanies of their own, regarding changes in their responses to their teens, and not so much changes in the teens themselves.

This very action creates immediate improvements in relationship dynamics, positive results that spill out through an entire family. Not at all about getting back at your teen, Have a New Teenager is all about having a new you, starting at this moment.