Fiske Guide to Colleges 2015

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  • Not an essential purchase for serious students and parents wanting an in-depth analysis of worthwhile colleges
  • This 2015 titleĀ slipped by the editors without any real update from previous editions
  • Overlooks key specific information on each school, like current tuition prices

Author Edward B. Fiske’s latest 2015 Guide to Colleges sports a trusty quote from USA today on its cover, a quote by which readers should not judge the book by any means. Although more than three hundred campuses are explored in rather substantial measure here, the Guide lacks an authentic update and fails to offer any real reason to purchase it over other college admissions guides.

Fiske’s guide starts out earnestly enough, its table of contents assessing worthwhile campuses both across the country and across the pond. But when readers flip to a particular college’s review, they’ll be disheartened to find an absence of such critical information as the most current exact pricing (tuition, room and board, etc.) for each campus. In fact, those who’ve already purchased a previous edition shouldn’t trade it out for this disappointing 2015 edition, in which hardly a word has changed.

That said, the write-ups penned for each college have dated rather well, proving useful for those students whose campuses Fiske ultimately decided to include. Finding an old copy at a local library, or as a hand-me-down from an older sibling, would be wiser than purchasing this guide, troubled with content that’s fallen behind the times.