Cracking the AP Psychology Exam, 2015 Edition (College Test Preparation)

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  • perhaps Princeton Review’s most embarrassingly unedited works
  • not at all reflective of the latest changes to AP Psych curriculum requirements
  • should be skipped by all means

Cracking the AP Psychology Exam might have you cracking your knuckles in an upset with this inferior guide. Insufficiently updated, unthinkably riddled with editing goofs, and otherwise indistinct in value from other options, this particular prep book should be passed up by all means.

Princeton Review has earned more than a few slaps on the wrists for an almost embarrassingly poorly edited prep book here. Errors and typos abound here, and it won’t take a magnifying glass to spot laughably incomplete sentences that somehow made it to publication. The book has also failed to take into consideration the changeover to the DSM-V, an update that makes so much of Cracking‘s content not just obsolete but also misleading. (Its overindulgence into multi-axial diagnosis, which the DSM-V discontinued, is a glaring example of this.)

“Everything You Need to Score a 5” ironically won’t be found within these book’s pages, as its covers misleadingly advertises, but those who insist on purchasing Cracking might appreciate its “Strategy Drills” and thoughts on approaching free-response questions as slightly redeeming features. But with inauthentic practice tests and a largely out-of-date review section, Cracking cannot supplement students as a sole prep book. In fact, nearly any other option might suffice than relying on Cracking‘s cracked counsel here.