Cracking the AP Chemistry Exam, 2015 Edition (College Test Preparation)

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  • the only AP Chem prep book to so accurately embody and mirror College Board’s latest updates to the curriculum and exam
  • features two exceptionally authentic and demand practice tests
  • structured to literally mimic the “six big ideas” that redefine the core of AP Chemistry

Differing substantially from the 2014 version, this Cracking stands out among all current AP Chem review titles for how specifically and authentically it reflects the core nuances of College Board’s “six big ideas” update to the test. For its impressively close approximation of the actual exam’s content and test-taking experience, this title stands alone as the only one worth purchasing by students intent on a solid performance in May.

Cracking goes out of its way to represent the whole of the new AP Chem curriculum and only that curriculum, unlike other prep books which have yet to be so updated. In fact, this title is so in tune with these changes that its structure literally reflects the “big ideas” that have shaken up the test (Big Idea #2: Bonding and Phases; Big Idea #5: Laws of Thermodynamics; etc.). And the practice tests included do a fine job of closely mimicking the latest exam’s features, with its multiple choice questions designed to demand critical thinking more than rote memorization.

Cracking weighs in at nearly 500 pages and will demand at least a few weeks of focused attention to maximize its value. This said, serious students won’t mind getting cracking with this title as early as the start of the year.