Confessions of a Scholarship Winner: The Secrets That Helped Me Win $500,000 in Free Money for College- How You Can Too!

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  • an absolute must-read for everyone even remotely interested in funding college, primarily or partially, through scholarships
  • written with a warm and authentic tone that will immediately energize your scholarship pursuit — and its success rate
  • balances motivation with actionable steps to frame students more attractively in the eyes of scholarship application readers

Parents of teens nearing college age don’t dream of counting sheep — it’s counting scholarships that eases moms’ and dads’ minds after midnight. By the same token, the lack of college funding options can inspire nightmares not easily shaken. That the college scholarships scene seems to multiply¬†in size¬†and in obscurity each year only adds to the frustration.

How great it is, then, that Confessions of a Scholarship Winner lends much-needed clarity and calm to the conversation? Written by the remarkable Kristina Ellis, for whom scholarships made her entire collegiate career possible, it’s an important and accessible read for both parents and their children who desire an approach on scholarship applying that’s both inspired and informed.

Google elsewhere for a mass listing of scholarships by thousands to which to apply — which Ellis actually instructs readers to do with success. She much prefers to ground Confessions in enlightening points of discussion that empower readers to craft winning applications. Readers will relish learning how a “Better You = [A] Better Application” and how to “Unleash Your Inner Perfectionist” toward the end of more successful scholarship bids.

Some might quibble over Ellis’ quote-unquote advantages in securing bundles of scholarships: she’s a minority from an impoverished background. But Confessions is packed with evidence that dashes this image and dares students to rise to Ellis’ level of preparation in applying for scholarships. Everyone ready to realize their scholarship dreams should count Confessions as an essential investment.