College Success Guaranteed: 5 Rules to Make It Happen

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  • a great antidote to bloated college life guides with too many tips for busy teen readers to keep straight
  • boils down the essence of victory in college to a handful of practical yet insightful rules
  • enlightening in particular for its breaking down of what differentiates high school teachers from their college level counterparts

College Success Guaranteed sports a title that could draw deep investigation from the university leg of the FTC. Promising a winning four years is a tall order, one that author Malcolm Gauld largely substantiates with conviction with his 5 Rules to Make It Happen.

Teenagers with too much to remember to make room for hundreds of tips, as is the typical advice count of most college life titles, are poised to enjoy the straight-ahead, boiled down style of Guaranteed, which presents them with just a few simple yet substantial rules to which to adhere.

Gauld nimbly recaps the major ins and outs of college campus triumph, utilizing an accessible tone yet taking care to avoid the most obvious or cliche advice. “Rule 2: 3×5” aims for those would-be procrastinators, imploring them now to commit to three hours of studying every weekday in an effort to remain in solid contention for an excellent academic record.

And Gauld’s caring yet stern counsel to “Rule #4: Get A Mentor” is highly recommended reading for those who erroneously believe that college life equals making it on your own.¬†Young readers hungering for sneak previews of experience college-level instruction will also appreciate Guaranteed’s neat dissection of the core difference between high school teachers and university professors.

A solid should-buy for students looking for crib notes on conquering their upcoming college campus.