College Admission: From Application to Acceptance, Step by Step

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  • A smart introductory title to the college admissions conversation
  • Great reading for students and families fed up with pessimistic approaches on applying to college
  • Might feel somewhat “been there, done that” for more experienced and advanced college seekers

The idea of college often leads to thoughts of confusion, competition, and quite a heavy workload. Thankfully, College Admission clarifies every aspect of the application process for students and parents looking for a more compassionate college prep experience. Authors Robin Mamlet and Christine VanDeWelde lead with the assumption that students will get into their college of choice, leaving College Admission‘s readers free to openly absorb the authors’ application know-how.

Readers who have “felt ambushed by the anxiety and misinformation families faced” when confronted with the college conversation will enjoy this book’s friendly alternative to stressful college prep materials. College Admission‘s ten-part structure assists in delivering this more optimistic approach to university acceptance.

Athletes, international students, and home schooled candidates should beeline to “Special Circumstances,” while no one should miss “Is There A Secret to Admission?,” in which the authors unload on the truth of grasping what college desire in their selected students. (Mamlet’s having been dean at three top universities adds authentic wisdom both here and throughout the book.)

Those tired of the smoke-and-mirrors take on college prep will particularly enjoy this title. Families and students already well-versed in the college pursuit should skip this, as College Admission speaks sweetest to those who are green on “how to get in.”