BS/MD Programs-The Complete Guide: Getting Into Medical School from High School

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  • the best book, bar none, for information on the best early acceptance medical programs and how to get into them
  • valuable for high school students dead-set on a BS/MD and for those considering medical school after college
  • provides excellent advice on looking great on paper that could help any kid’s odds of entering the Ivy League or other top notch institution

The latest entry in a new trend of college guide books finally sheds light on navigating entry into the newest trend in medical education. BS/MD Programs – The Complete Guide‘s title narrows its focus squarely on Getting Into Medical from High School, a niche-style alternative to bloated university guides overstuffed with colleges and diminished by lack of quality information on each one.

Author Todd Johnson tightens his book even further by concentrating on EAMPs, or early admission medical programs, into which students can gain entry from high school and that shorten the length from student to doctor from eight years to as few as six. In its coverage of such specialty programs, BS/MD Programs is unbeatable and demands being read by all students and parents with an inkling of a future in medicine.

Even for students who aren’t quite ready to make such a full commitment to an EAMP, BS/MD Programs provides excellent advice on shaping their transcripts and extracurriculars to appeal to Ivies and top-ranked undergrad programs. “What It Takes to be Competitive” spills the beans on the test scores and research experience great applicants demonstrate, while a detailed appendix lists the best BS/MD programs by state. This is a smart book to have on the shelves of seventh through ninth graders, at least as med school conversation fodder.