Bring Your “A” Game: A Young Athlete’s Guide to Mental Toughness

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  • excellent tool for ambitious students, athletes, and their parents and coaches on instilling mental toughness and reducing anxiety and negative thinking
  • presents an array of mental skills alongside practical ways to establish them with daily practice
  • a left-field but very smart purchase for students looking to improve their classroom performance with very adaptable sports psychology advice

To many students, sports aren’t just nifty extracurricular activities: their passion for athletics equals, or sometimes outweighs, their affection for academics. And given that an athletic scholarship can often be a teen’s only ticket to college, an “A” game might seem more beneficial in the pool or playing field than in prepping for upcoming AP exams.

Thankfully, Bring Your “A” Game presents manifold strategies for mental toughness that carry over from the court/field to the classroom. Written for athletes and athletes-at-heart (read: passionate, vicarious parents), “A” Game is the answer for those looking for tips to excel everywhere on a high school campus.

“A” Game avoids classification as a pop psychology throwaway thanks to thorough research on how mental toughness becomes a powerful tool for the teenage mind. Author Jennifer Etnier intended “A” Game as a tool to help students mature into their own inner coaches, to coax their best athleticism during both practice and at game time, and she largely succeeds.

How to thwart negative thinking, establish a successful pre-game ritual, use setbacks as an advantage for future success – these are just a sampling of the substantial advice on offer that makes “A” Game a valuable read for athletes and mathletes alike.