Barron’s AP Chemistry Flash Cards, 2nd Edition

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  • great for helping students build their speed on the easier portions of the AP Chem exam’s multiple choice section
  • not thorough enough to replace a complete AP Chem course on their own
  • designed to meet College Board’s “six big ideas” for the new AP Chem exam

As the AP Chemistry exam whips by at the pace of a sprint, not a marathon, students for the test are always looking out for any resource rich in intellectual octane. Barron’s AP Chemistry Flash Cards amply provides their users with this improved speed and test-taking efficiency, thanks to their cramming-friendly structure and concise content per card. Not to be mistaken as a supplement for a formal AP Chem course, these cards do make for an exceptional supplement for solid chemistry instruction and the use of a clearly written prep book.

Unlike most of the Barron’s Flash Card series, which present students with multiple choice questions, this AP Chemistry set focuses instead on presenting users with a single problem to unravel or concept to clarify, with each card providing a thorough and insightful answer on the back. Routine use of these cards empowers students to more quickly answer “easy” questions on the test and slice through what can be complex vocabulary choices, gifting them with more time to devote toward the exam’s more challenging scenarios.

Again, the cards do not teach material but only reinforce it. Nor are they adequate for helping students tackle free response questions. But the Flash Cards serve as effective, efficient study material leading up to the exam nevertheless.