AP® Psychology Crash Course Book + Online (Advanced Placement (AP) Crash Course)

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  • opens with some incredibly expert chapters from one of the most respected AP Psych instructors around
  • skews too thin on the content students need to dominate the exam, however
  • the lack of sufficient practice content makes it inappropriate for use by itself

Authored by renowned AP Psychology instructor Larry Kreiger, Crash Course’s entry for the exam initially appears to have much in its favor. It opens with an insightful read on the shape of the test and the methodology at the core of its authorship, a chapter that shines with Krieger’s obvious expertise and authenticity. But Crash Course comes close to crashing as a fully valuable prep resource after this. Its deficiencies make it most ideally suited for those already lapping up AP Psych facts from a Krieger-esque quality instructor.

This Crash Course title works best as a simple review offering for a student already well-versed in the primary themes and nuances of AP Psych. But it proves a bit too thin for use as a standalone source of primary study in place of a formal yearlong class. In its brevity, Crash Course can’t find enough room to address a number of terms and concepts that successful test-takers need to have down cold. And its lack of any practice questions or free response prompts further disqualifies its usefulness for students needing serious guidance ahead of the exam.

In short, cramming with Crash Course alone can’t be counted on to guarantee surefire AP Psych success.