500 PSAT Practice Questions (College Test Preparation)

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  • valuable as secondary study material for students serious about nailing their PSAT
  • provides insightful, sobering advice regarding the whys and wherefores of the PSAT exam
  • comprehensive drill section remains challenging and thoroughly relevant even with the new PSAT

With the rollout of the new PSAT soon approaching, will a resource like 500 PSAT Practice Questions be rendered obsolete? The answer is a bit ambivalent. Sophisticated students will know better than to expect this challenging book’s content to specifically tackle the exact demands of the latest exam. But those same students will also gravitate to its coverage of its drills section, much of which remains evergreen and relevant. Those who value full PSAT preparation at any cost might consider purchasing 500 PSAT Practice Questions as a solid yet secondary resource in advance of the upcoming updated test.

In addition to the impressive opportunity to sharpen test-taking tactics provided with its drills, and in particular its answers and explanations for those drills, 500 PSAT Practice Questions also retains its long-term value in how it shapes readers’ strategic approach to the entire exam itself. The PSAT is written by Educational Testing Service or ETS, a group the book aptly describes as “testers-for-hire” who aren’t educators and therefore shouldn’t be regarded as such.

In helping students to grasp exactly who the test is written for and why, 500 PSAT Practice Questions simplifies the process of absorbing its tips and habituating students to the rhyme and reason of standardized testing, a feat that comes in handy for PSATs old and new.