50 Successful Harvard Application Essays: What Worked for Them Can Help You Get into the College of Your Choice

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  • An insightful look into what a top college considers worthwhile when it comes to application essays
  • Each featured essay is critiqued with keen insight, educating readers on strong narrative construction in the process
  • Excellent read for students applying to any college, not just Harvard

50 Successful Harvard Application Essays provides excellent examples of personal statements that function as strong representations of successful college application writing, regardless of whether or not a student is focused on the Ivy League.

Student readers shouldn’t fret over the Harvard label, as the essays within vary considerably in both topic and quality, a bittersweet revelation about the book. It doesn’t provide the confidential applicant details (their GPA, test scores, etc.) that would help to place each essay and its merits in a clearer context. And many of the essays might draw scorn from particularly talented writers as not exactly up to snuff.

But it’s the sharp, incisive commentary following each essay that makes Harvard Application Essays worth buying. The editors rarely hold back on nitpicking where essays could have made better rhetorical and structural choices, producing advice that both instructs on strong writing technique and corrects the knee-jerk association of Harvard with perfection.

Students at every grade level should pick up a copy to read closely, ideally over the summer; they’ll be sure to notice a marked improvement in their writing skills come the fall. And parents curious about what top colleges look for in essays will want to earmark the title as well.