320 AP Calculus AB Problems arranged by Topic and Difficulty Level: 160 Test Questions with Solutions, 160 Additional Questions with Answers

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  • the best book for preparing for the AP Calculus AB Exam, bar none
  • slowly yet surely builds’ even the weakest students’ ability up through the most difficult problem levels
  • provides impressively comprehensive and easy-to-follow solutions for every problem included

No other test prep book rivals 320 AP Calculus AB Problems for its capacity to make short work of arguably the most difficult of the Advanced Placement exams. Authored by mathematician and tutor extraordinaire Steven Warner, the book brims over with both the rigor and problem structure that readers can anticipate on test day. This earns full must-buy status thanks to Warner’s cleverly slow build from the simplest problems to the most vexing setups, all with the utmost clarity and accessibility.

Warner divvies up the 320 questions with precision, both by difficulty level and by primary concept: precalculus, differentiation, integration, and limits and continuity, enabling students to head straight to the content that most presses them without wasting time. The book’s incremental increase of difficulty empowers readers to progress through the rising challenges of calculus without ever growing overwhelmed.

How 320 AP Calculus AB Problems handles its explanations to the titular problems earns additional brownie points: readers have the options of either a straightforward solution or a detailed, exhaustive review for the same problem, which also elaborates on additional methods of tackling it.

Bottom line: Warner’s book is so comprehensive that, given several months, a student who traditionally struggles with math could successfully gear up for the AP Calculus exam with this as her sole test prep resource.