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Taking the Reins

by Katie Z, Ph.D May 5, 2015


Welcome to The Edge, Admitster’s college admissions blog! It is with great pleasure that I take hold of this blog’s reins, as today marks the beginning of an adventure for both you, the reader, and me, your humble blogger. The name of this adventure? The college admissions process. Now, you may hear the words “college admissions”, shudder disagreeably, and try to put the whole thing out of your mind. Or, compelled to think longer and harder about it, your thoughts may wander to trials of endurance, great feats of strength, or perhaps necessary evils that must be faced head-on in order to reach the end goal of educational bliss. You wouldn’t be entirely wrong – the college admissions process is certainly a journey, one that begins in the early days of high school and lasts for years, but I assure you that though it may sometimes be stressful, keeping you up at night, there will also be moments of quiet self-reflection, small and great milestones to be celebrated, relief as the days grow longer and your task list becomes ever-shorter, and elation when the time and effort invested pays off.

Know also that this isn’t a journey that need be taken on your own. There are countless resources out there – so many, in fact, that you may feel as though you’re drowning in information and advice. Still, if you’re reading this blog then Admitster is on your radar screen, and that’s a very good thing. With the company’s free online tools (the College List Builder, accurate predictions of your chances of admission at your top-choice schools, and the What If? Engine) and affordable services (personalized admissions advisingreviews of your college application essays, and tutoring & test prep) just a click away, you have in front of you one of the best available resources for all-things college admissions!

KZNow, should you be curious to learn about who is tickling the computer keys for this blog, a brief introduction is in order. My name is Katie, and I’ve spent years immersed in the waters of higher education. First and foremost, of course, I was a student. I spent my undergraduate days in the foothills of the Adirondacks, studying Business & Management at Skidmore College. This was followed by an adventure-fueled stint working in administration at the University of Edinburgh and, after my UK work visa expired, a move to the Boston area to work in the Education & Family Support division of a policy research and consulting firm. From there, it was back across the pond I went, but this time as a graduate student, earning my master’s degree and PhD in Comparative Social Policy at the University of Oxford. While a graduate student, I was also a PPE (Philosophy, Politics, and Economics) tutor for undergraduates, and spent three happy years as the Junior Dean of Trinity College. My next stop was the Netherlands. I spent nearly six years employed at Amsterdam University College, and was fortunate to wear a number of hats there, including that of teacher (I taught Big Questions in Society and Comparative Public Policy), academic adviser, and member of the AUC Admissions Team.

In writing this blog, I intend to draw deeply on my own experiences of breathing that fresh academic air, but am also writing as a mother of three, knowing first-hand how much parents want the very best for their children. Having that college acceptance letter in-hand is a momentous landmark for teenagers and parents alike, and this blog will help to tune you in to all important issues associated with the college admissions process, no matter how trivial or hugely daunting those details may seem. So check back often and together we’ll navigate these college admission waters, bracing ourselves during the high seas and storms, but also enjoying the beauty of the voyage.

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