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IvyWe are admissions specialists from Harvard, MIT, Columbia, Stanford, Oxford, and UC Berkeley, obsessed with helping you get into your perfect college! Through a combination of wicked smart expertise, massive amounts of continuously updated data, and MIT-driven A.I. technology, we are making available to you a simple interface that can help to make your college dreams a reality.

We work to empower you, and when you need help, just ask us. Through our in-house college admissions expertise, we can recommend to you one of our own “wicked smart” services or other resources that will be perfect for you. Think of Admitster as your personal adviser throughout the college admissions process.  And here is what’s so awesome: most of our website is absolutely free!

To begin, simply register. You’ll find out what more than 50,000 people already know: Admitster can help you to get in!

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When you register with us, we help you to create your own list of schools, show you your projections for getting into each (see above), and then help you to determine the best strategy for improving your chances of admission at each school.