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Once you give us a list of schools and tell us at least a little about yourself, we can then show you what your chances are at each school on your list.

Students are often surprised at the results we show them. But don't worry, if you have filled out most of your profile fields, we are pretty confident in our projections. Our results come from years of acceptance data, the input of college admissions experts, and many detailed test cases. There are no guarantees, but we are giving you the best advice that you can get online, and it is solid enough that you can make big decisions based on our recommendations.

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Our Famous What If? Engine.
Learn how to change the future.

What would improve your chances of admission? We have the answers. You would be surprised to know that some changes - such as getting a job or improving your test scores - will increase your chances of getting into one of your schools but have no impact on another.

That's right: everyone isn't using the same criteria. For instance, more test-prep classes may be a waste of time and money. Experiment with some of our tools to find out what really would make a difference: better grades? More AP classes? More community service? We will help you figure out what to do.

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